Times Have Changed: Landlord Collections May Be More Challenging These Days

Last updated on August 5, 2020

If you are a landlord with a difficult tenant who will not pay rent or needs to be evicted, speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The changing times have made evictions and collecting past-due rent complex. At the law firm of Robert Edelstein, Attorney at Law, attorney Edelstein has been personally assisting his clients with their legal issues for more than two decades. From drafting lease agreements to eviction proceedings, you can rely on his proven experience for your commercial or residential landlord concerns.

Attorney Edelstein stays abreast of current legislation and case law to provide innovative solutions to resolve all of your landlord/tenant concerns. To discuss your needs with him, contact Robert Edelstein, Attorney at Law, by email or call 216-367-9362 or toll-free at 877-269-2092 for an appointment.

Representing Landlords Throughout Ohio

Whether you are a commercial or residential landlord, eviction proceedings can be time-consuming and costly. It is critical to involve an attorney who has a comprehensive understanding of the entire eviction process and works to secure the landlord’s rights on a regular basis.

Tenants have a duty to:

  • Refrain from damaging the unit
  • Refrain from damaging fixtures
  • Pay rent in a timely manner
  • Dispose of their trash
  • Comply with housing code rules that apply to tenants

Not only can Attorney Edelstein assist with the eviction process, but he can also help you avoid evictions altogether by properly drafting residential and commercial lease agreements that prepare you and protect your businesses’ rights.

Collecting Money And Past-Due Rent From Tenants

Federal and state laws govern commercial and residential collections. As a landlord/tenant and collections lawyer, Robert Edelstein understands how these laws apply to your unique situation. He will help you understand these regulations and ensure that your collection process runs smoothly while complying with the legal requirements.

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